Thursday, April 1, 2010


This life is so fragile.  And sometimes we are turned sideways on our journey.  Time moves on.  The moment passes and things change.  We are all full of hopes and regrets.  This day I am full of both.

"Full of thought, regret, hope dashed or not dashed yet,
full of memory, pride and more than enough
of spilled, personal grief,

I begin another page, another poem.

So many notions fill the day!  I give them
gowns of words, sometimes I give them
little shoes that rhyme.

What an elite life!

While somewhere someone is kissing a face that is crying.
While somewhere women are walking out, at two in the morning -
many miles to find water.
While somewhere a bomb is getting ready to explode.

~Mary Oliver ~
 This Day and Probably Tomorrow Also
Red Bird


So life is a journey.  We agree on that right? Then do you agree that just every once in a while, when you least expect it, something amazing happens?

One of my favorite quotes is from a book by Tim Nichols and Craig Wiseman, Live like you were Dying.

"Sometimes all you have to do is show up and have a little faith that something completely amazing is possible any day. And you are no more in control than a feather is of the wind.  All you know is that the force moving you is so strong that you just hang on in wonder.  There is nothing but the moment and the sense of dancing with angels."

I know that most of you, if you really stopped to think about it, have those dreams tucked away somewhere deep inside.  The ones you don't share with anyone,  the dreams you feel are frivolous or too crazy or feel are too late. "Stuff" stands in your way of realizing your dreams, but mostly YOU stand in the way of what you desire.  You need but take but a single step.  This just might be a step that transports you from a mundane status quo existence to a place where you give your dreams substance and essence and life.

Nichols and Wiseman say, "Go! Just GO! No stopping and looking back.  No what-ifs. Just GO!  There are no mistakes except inaction. GO!  You're scared to do this?  I'm scared you won't do it. Go, even if it's in the completely wrong direction at first. Say your prayers and GO!"

Perhaps this Easter week could be the beginning of your happy ending. 

Who knows - you might just find yourself dancing with angels.


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