Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The blessings I have received from caring for and loving rescue dogs, as well as people, have been presented to me as an offering and a gift.  I am a  better person filled with love, patience, and purpose. A person who understands that being driven to help other beings originated from the wounded and broken heart of a little girl who never felt or knew love.

From my dogs I now know a comfort and love that I had never felt from anything or anyone else in my life. I feel quite certain that this is odd to some of you.  And this I understand and respect. But it is so in my case.  

While I write, I am surrounded by Rainie, Kelsie and Remy. The peace and love they exude is palpable. I find that I can breathe easier. I feel the tension leave my shoulders.  I find my jaws relax, as I watch them inhale and exhale so quietly.  They sometimes change position, reminding me to do the same.  I am consistently amazed as they offer this unique kind of meditation.

A friend wrote and told me dogs remain faithful and that their gazes have a steady loving accepting effect on me.  She said that I am the companion of Kelsie, the human whose hand steadies Rainie, and whose heart sustains Gracie, Remy and Hope. Upon  deeper reflection, I ask could it be the other way around?

Five innocent angels all needing my love, attention, calm and receptive presence.  I must focus and stand firm!

In the midst of a life filled with chaos, tension and struggle, I have learned to ask myself where calm and peace lie for me.  The answer is easy.  All I have to do is look down beside me. 

I don't have to dream of what love is further.  I see it. It surrounds me.  I feel it, just as I can see colors and light and shapes in clouds and in the tide coming in and out and never ceasing, with a calming and receptive presence.
In this place I can focus and stand firm and rejoice in the purpose of my life.