Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sometimes in the midst of chaos and confusion and confliction we can find miracles, if we watch very closely. 

I guess it is the writer in me, but I see things that go unobserved by most.  I guess you could say, and I like to believe, I watch for miracles.

Last night was no exception. At a fundraiser for Penny's From Heaven Foundation just such an occasion was offered.  The music was loud, piercing, and at times thunderous.  You know the kind where you find yourself yelling to be heard, straining to hear, and nodding in agreement to something someone said that you have no idea what was said.  The mood was jubilant, the food was top-notch, and the crowd eager and proficient.

Since it was a fund raising event, I had Kelsie with me.  She was visibly stressed, and I wished I had left her at home.  Her face showed great distress and her usual complacent, comforting appeal was missing.  I tried to keep her safely on her blanket, but her ears hurt and so did her spirit.  Everyone was wanting to pet her and learn more about her work as a Soldiers' Angel Support Dog. It was just then that the miracle appeared, in the shape of one little girl.  It was soon apparent that this party goer didn't care about Kelsie's work or 'her' soldiers or how old she was or what breed.  All she wanted to know was her name.

In the midst of music and joviality this little girl shadowed Kelsie and simply sat on the floor and gathered her into her arms, stroked her fur, felt her ears, and looked into her soulful, pleading eyes.  People side-stepped over and around them, juggling drinks and plates of food, never stopping to observe what was happening.  I watched for a while and then almost yelling over the crowd and music, I asked her if she had a dog at home.  Somehow I knew the answer before I asked.

"No, dogs are not allowed at our home."  My heart broke for her.  It is like not allowing love inside, or happiness, or trust, or friendship, or promises, or restoration, or joy, or miracles, or prayer. Kelsie and this little girl were instant friends.  Kelsie felt her a shelter in the storm of this evening and the little girl, for at least a while, had her moment.  She had a dog.

She clung to her and kissed her and spoke gently to her over the din.  I thought of their home as cold and lonely and missing something most important.

It was then I realized that sometimes just showing up is all it takes, and that having just one moment is more than some people will ever get. 

I would like to think that one day when this little girl grows up, she will remember Kelsie and that she will have a houseful of dogs. I hope so. Unconditional love is a gift she should not miss. 

Whatever comes from your heart is a gift that should be given honor. 

I hoped her father was watching the same miracle I was.


"For where your treasure is - there will your heart be also."
Matthew 6:20-21

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