Thursday, January 21, 2010


We are not here on this earth by mistake.  We are here for a reason, a purpose.  Do you know what your purpose is? 

We can't just take our purpose and hold it inside, knowing what it is isn't enough. We must give it away. 

And then sometimes we find giving it away is tiring, exhausting. A comment posted on yesterday's blog says that I 'do soooo much.'  No arguments here, yes I do, and most of the time I thrive on it and hold tight to my purpose.  And then sometimes I wear out and sometimes I retreat, and sometimes I can't take another step, and sometimes my fatigue causes me anger or tears. And sometimes it rearranges my world. 

I was gently reminded yesterday by a friend in Arizona, a friend in San Antonio and from words of wisdom quoted from an extraordinary book, The Power of Pause ( )  "What if life isn't about pushing yourself to the limit, but embracing every minute?  What if life isn't about constant action but eliminating distration?  What if life isn't about learning to live with stress, but learning to live with less?"

We are built (or at least I am) to exude the perception that we are strong all the time, that we can face mountains with no problem.  But that is about what everybody else wants us to be; it isn't about us.  Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be weak, to not be all things to all people, to not jump through hoops to get the job done because of someone else's lack of poor planning.

Today I want a porch swing or a hammock or just a few hours without distraction in a silent space, to remember that I too count and I too matter and that without taking care of me - I cannot take care of anyone else. I find I must put a sign on the door of my soul for just a while that says, "Closed."


I heard this morning some snippets of wisdom. I leave them with you for today !

"You can't have Friday without Sunday."

"When you are mistreated remember, "He opened not his mouth."

"Hurting people hurt people."

"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around."
~Willie Nelson!

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  1. Patsy I do hope you use that "Closed" sign. Not just today but as you pad ahead as well. I know you need to have some "closed" hours. Sending restful vibes to you.