Monday, January 11, 2010


Sorrow rained down on me late yesterday evening when a friend wrote and told he he was being 'killed inside.' If there is anything I know, (at least about me) there is no way to take away the pain of another without entering into it myself.  I also know that that doesn't stop me from trying.

I wanted the right words to penetrate, but rapid texting doesn't allow for the luxury of this search for words.  Or perhaps maybe there are no words.  Maybe all that is needed is the space between the words to let him know I care and  love matter what. 

It is said in times of great need we don't always remember the words that were said, but rather who was there for us. 

I want to tell him that his pain matters to me. That his hurting inside matters to me. In the midst of it all, I just want him to know that in the shadows and darkness he will find his angels, and he will find me.  For maybe it is only by entering the darkness that the light will become visible.

Where do you go to escape when the world hurts too much?  Who is there for you?  Do you have to put your life on pause to survive? Maybe it is a matter of who is by your side. What angels do you find in your shadows? Who tells you that you matter?


"In a dark time the eye begins to see."
Theodore Roethke

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