Thursday, December 8, 2011


The face got me at first glance.  The eyes had me weak at the knees.  The body language spoke volumes.  This was a photo posted on facebook.  I saw it at 3:30 am this morning.

I wrote instantly while in some frantic state that said "Save this one.  Save this one.  You can't save them all but save this one." I heard back while at lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  The Beef and Peppers was abandoned, as I raced outside to take the call.

The voice on the other end of the phone was  Gina, a lady in a very rural community on the Texas Oklahoma border.  She alone rescues animals from the City Pound which is conveniently located next to the City Dump, in this one stop light town! She told me she had saved 384 dogs in one year and mourned those she could not save.  I understand the haunting feeling of not being able to do anything or do enough.  It is horrible to say the least.

But through facebook she reached out with a prayer that was answered.  The dog was immediately taken from the dump to the vet where she was found to be in great shape.  Heartworm negative and they provided all her vaccinations for no charge.  Yes, I said yes! 

Why this dog?  Why not?  I suppose it is a Christmas thing.  A weakening or strengthening of the spirit, or the soul.  A desire to save something that will surely die if I don't.  I can't bear being haunted by these eyes night after night. 

Within a little less than an hour, Gina had a person driving two hours to Oklahoma to retrieve this pup and drive her to Waco where one of the TADSAW trainers will hold her until I can get up there to evaluate her and talk to her fuzzy ears about her future and about what a lucky girl she is.  So again why this one? The answer is already clear.  She will be perfect.  I was told when she was having her blood drawn, she just held up her paw and wagged her tail.  She loves to snuggle and is eager to please. 

You might also ask why was this dog left at the pound?  One reason and one reason only...the owners didn't like her anymore because she teased their cat.  Okay then, let's just kill her!  Please know that I am refraining from words you didn't know I knew and anger that is spueing like venom. 

So yes, I needed to save something.  I needed to give a gift to someone or some thing for Christmas.  I needed to give the gift of life.  Whether to me personally or to a wounded warrior who too will be mesmerized by the eyes remains to be seen.  But it doesn't matter.  What matters is that somewhere along the Texas Oklahoma border is a woman who cares. Who spends every cent she makes trying to save lives every day of her life.  She does it.  She makes a difference.  She made a difference to this one!

We haven't decided on a name yet.  Ideas anyone?  Noel...Hope...Freedom....Christmas....

Right now, with tears in my eyes, I want to very simply hold her close....and tell her it is going to be it is going to be wonderful.  She is going to live.  She is going to live to change a life.  

And not so secretly, I want to rail out at these idiots that decided to have her quote the dog pound..."just kill her we don't care...we don't want her." 


Sometimes I just don't understand people or life or hatred or stupid or idiocy.  But I do understand love, and I feel quite certain that if this dog could speak, she would forgive them.  I wish I could.

Never fear I will keep you updated on our Christmas wish come true.  And should you wish to say thank you to a woman you will never know on the border of Texas and Oklahoma please send a donation of any size to simply say 'thank you for doing what you do.'  It will change her life.  I don't imagine anyone has ever thanked her before.

paypal and credit cards and checks accepted
Your too can help save a life.


  1. Hi, I live in Austin. My dog, Bo, came from Gina and the shelter she rescues from. I would love to help int he transport of this sweet girl. IF you can use my help,please call me at 214-212-2453.

  2. You have a gift for finding the best angel dogs for our wounded warriors. Thank you for all you do. Thank you to people like the woman mentioned in your post. What would her world be like without her there to save the animals she can?

  3. Holly of course. or Mistletoe. who couldnt kiss her?

  4. I have two dogs that we adopted from Gina. The precious little Doxie we are sure had been in a puppy mill and was abandoned because of heart worms. She was around 3 years old and probably had puppies every cycle - she was filthy and I don't think had ever been bathed - had fleas though only springtime - had a filthy blue collar - didn't know a thing about what to do and where. You should see her now! She is the very best little girl! She had treatments for her heart worms and when well, was spayed. It's her turn to be the baby and enjoy life!! She is a wonderful loving dog, however, though the feels so good after her bath, she still would avoid it if possible - lol.

    The 2nd one was going to be a foster and we decided to keep her. She's still a work in progress, but is learning something new each day. She is a chi mix and she and Missy, the adopted Doxie, are best friends. The chi's name is Honey Bea.

    Why anyone would buy a dog is a total mystery to me when there are dogs like these. They are wonderful pets.