Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This photo I took brings me such peace.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps it is the feeling of a peaceful winter in South Texas with sparrows in a sleeping dormant Crape Myrtle tree, waiting for spring to bring forth its vibrant pink blossoms. They are not in any hurry they are just peacefully waiting.

To the left of this tree is the main entrance into the Warrior Family Support Center at SAMMC.  It is here too that you will find waiting...and healing from injuries sustained in a war far, far away.  Waiting!

I guess I am no different than anyone else when it comes to thinking many times that perhaps the best is over.  I have had my best times.  But isn't this limiting ourselves with wrong thinking?  We are actually limiting the universe and this is downright wrong and pretty stupid when you think about it.  Sure, I have had some good times, some horrible times, pain and grief and events so difficult I am unable to remember them, but I prefer to think the best is yet to come .

The best is not over!

As we approach a new year, I choose to remember the good memories and realize that while there have been horrible ones, the best is still to come. Those that have injured me have their own issues and I personally am separating permanently from them. It is easy. I will not longer allow individuals into my life that are negative or that I am unable to trust.  This leaves me space and time and a place to renew, heal, and become ready to accept, with open arms, that the best is coming.

Think about it.  All endings are really new beginnings.  That's just the way the journey works.  Staying stuck is ridiculous and unproductive.  There are soul mates yet to meet and joy to be experienced.  So this new year, I will allow no one to hurt me.  I will rise above it.  My soul will be at peace.  At last.  Good bye to those of you who do not bring me joy, peace, happiness and have not earned my trust or my love.  I will continue to be kind and gentle and compassionate.  And by so doing, my peace will return.  2012 I will return to center, and breathe in the energy and out the past I have chosen to leave behind.

When I get confused and feel alone, I will go back to my heart...the only place I can truly trust.  There are those who are there for me no matter what and they know who they are.  Those who have consistently stood by me when I was irrational, clumsy, and just plain messed up, are those that listened, took my hand and in the silence were simply there for me.  The answer then is in my heart.  Too bad I spent so much time not listening to it.  But now things have changed.  People come into your lives for a a season and a reason.  Sometimes at the time we don't know why.  But in the end, it is those who stay, who are there for you when needed, who will drop whatever they are doing to help you, to answer the phone in the middle of the night, to sleep with their phone by their pillow just in case you need them, who bring you groceries, who take your trash to the curb, who love you for all the right reasons ~  not the wrong ones. 

Sometimes we aren't quite sure what is next, but you know what....it is alright....we don't have to know.  We simply have to trust and live for each moment.  But more importantly than that we must learn to trust our hearts.  And sometimes the experiences we go through lead us to the knowledge that finally, and at last, sets us free. Free to move forward and in the right direction.  This year I will create relationships and friendships that are equal. It is here that I will find love.

This year I will not get so carried away with the anticipatory thinking that I am unable to live in the present moment!  I too can imagine sitting in a dormant tree, waiting for the best that is indeed yet to come!

Happy New Year to everyone of you who read these words from my heart!

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