Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was in Nashville for the past few days.  I did not see the Grand Ole Opry or the Ryman or the 'bat' building. 

I did see the airport, the Holiday Inn Express, and Lipscomb University. And I also saw that  in the 'time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest.' (William McKinley).   I saw that there are many, many others who, in recognition of the selfless service in operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, love and care for our veterans, and that there are passionate people out there such as Lipscomb University, Challenge America, Operation Standdown, Share Care, Blue Star Mothers of America, Dive Heart, The Shield Foundation, The Kessler Foundation, Folds of Honor Foundation, Challenge Aspen, Wounded Warrior Project, Penny's from Heaven Foundation, Inc. and others standing by their sides and fostering solutions for transition from battlefield to home front.

Warriors with wounds (we were taught these are not 'wounded warriors') Tara Hutchison (from San Antonio), Zaneta Adams, Eric Edmundson, and Dan Shannon were in attendance.  They told their stories and made us proud to be Americans.  Proud to know them, to shake their hands, to say thank you.

I discovered that what truly matters is found just below the surface. I found that the pride in America runs deep, not just within me, but in others.  There were few dry eyes as country western superstar, Amy Grant, stood before us at the reception with Sgt. Eric Edmundson in his wheelchair being held by his mother.  Amy spoke of giving back, of paying it forward, and of never forgetting, and for never letting our soldiers down. 

Today, my passion is just below the surface and pouring outward.  I will not stop. I will not give up. And I will never give up on 'my' soldiers.  I have chosen my path, and I will not allow my own stupid choices, or the pressures of others upon me, deter me from my goals and dreams.

In Nashville, I recovered and rediscovered the path of my true values and purpose.  God Bless America and those who keep us safe and may we all  see the inner strength, pride, and dignity that our soldiers possess.  There is much to be learned from them.


Without your help we cannot continue our mission!

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  1. Patsy, thank you for attending the event and for sharing your passion for serving our military. Working together, we can provide those solutions for transition from battlefield to home front for our returning injured military and their families.
    All the best,
    Challenge America

  2. I enjoyed meeting you Patsy and learning of your program. It was a wonderful symposium and I experienced that same moving pride and sense of awe at the strength and cameraderie among all present.

    Blue Star Mothers of America