Thursday, September 26, 2013


I recently received these extraordinary words from a wounded warrior.  I need to share them with you for multiple reasons that I hope will become clear as you read, perhaps reread, and digest!
"What non-service members need to understand is that we as service members are willing to protect your family, as we protect our own.  It is not something that we want credit or commendations for, so much as acknowledgement that we did our job and now we may need a little help.  Pity is THE most useless of emotions.  Inside we are who we are regardless of how war has left our outside appearance, or our ability to deal with certain situations.  At our core we would still fight for what we believe.  Please continue to give us something to believe in."
"Please continue to give us something to believe in!"  These are nine of the most powerful words I believe I have ever heard.  It is a burden to some of us and then to others it is so very easy.

A friend of mine speaks of 'loving someone into existence.' And upon reflection so very many of our warriors returning from war are not really existing.  They survived yes, but many are  just on the edge of existence.  As of last report, twenty two or more of our warriors end their own lives daily!  Those are just the ones reported.  They fought for what they believed in and then could no longer live with the person they had become for having 'done the right thing.'  Perhaps they no longer had anything to believe in.
We all have those times and spaces where we need help.  Where we just can't do it anymore.  And it is in this place that we need to believe that we will get through it, we will make it, and there is light at the end of the dark, frightening tunnel.  Our warriors are no different.  As the warrior above said, " we may need a little help."
We as a nation, as a country, as American's, must provide the help these warrior's are crying out for.  We can't let them be forgotten, nor can we or should ever deny them something to believe in.  It is our duty, our job, just as fighting for this country was a job, a mission they assumed to protect their families, as well as ours.
A quoted story from Mama Edie Armstrong says it clearly.  "I am reminded of how, as a child, I knelt down one day and curiously watched a group of ants as they were marching along their way to the ant hill.  My focus became fixed, though, on one particular ant who had picked up a bread crumb that was far too large to carry.  He'd pick it up, move forward a little bit and then fall down.  He'd pick it up move forward a little bit, and again fall down. This continued several times, but each time, getting him a little closer to his destination.  I picked up a large leaf, placed I there in front of the ant.  With his prize bread crumb, he crawled upon that leaf, and I lifted them all and placed it beside the anthill.  As the ant was leaving the leaf, it was almost as though I could hear him saying, "Thanks for the lift!:  And then he continued on his journey."
As much as we struggle to do small things, great and grand things by ourselves, we come to that place in the road where we suddenly or finally realize we can't do it without help. Our returning warriors are most assuredly no different.
I try to live by the following words by William Bradfield.  "There are those whose lives affect all others around them.  Quietly touching one heart, who in turn, touches another.  Reaching out to the ends further than we would ever know."
Today I ask you to give a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who needs it the most.  In the words of Dale Carnegie, "Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may cherish them over a lifetime."
Please join me in doing everything you can to support our returning military.  Far too many of them gave everything for us.  It is the least we can do. As our warrior above states,....'and now we may need a little help.' 
We must always provide them with something to believe in and love them back into existence!!

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