Tuesday, September 3, 2013


At the beach, the green plastic patio table is speckled with sand.  It holds hours of work, bits of broken shells, barnacles, a feather, and moments of time passages.

I sit watching kites flying, waves rushing in and out again and a fisherman in the surf casting his line to capture his own treasure.  There is a beautifully cool breeze.  This is peace.  It is what I escape to find. 

We all need to find 'our' place.  A place of quiet where we can turn off the noise and lower the volume of our lives.  Removing those alarms that go off in our heads allows us to listen to the silence.  In that silence we will be able to hear what is in our heart.  Powerful messages will be heard and the answers will come. It is an ultimate act of love for yourself.

Grace will enter unencumbered.

It is here that you become totally and completely in love with life.  How many people can say that from the depths of their souls?

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