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The following is quoted from MORE DOG PSALMS, by Herbert beautifully and perfectly written. It answers my long time question of what is it about dogs!

"I am dog.  I heal.  I know when a wound needs a lick, when a tear needs a snuggle, and when to come close to you.  I know what is too close and too soon.  I am dog and will wait outside your door if you are isolated.  You know I am there.  When you want good news I am your good news.  When you want thumbs up I look you in the face and declare you well.  I do not see you as sick: I see you are getting well.  I bring a rag or chewed bone to test your spirit.  I am ready to play; you are not and I will wait.  I am dog and remind you of good times and how we made it before.  I cannot reach the medicine shelf, but I bring you what the pharmacy cannot bottle.  I am dog, more than a prescription drug.  Medicare cannot afford me and I come free to you.  One whistle, one look and I am at your side.  Touch me, hold me and be well."


With a dog there is a message of liberation.  You can be whoever you are.  You can express your thoughts and feelings with absolute confidence that you do not have to be fearful that love will be taken away. With your dog you know you will not be punished for your honesty.  There is no admission price, no rental fee or installment plans.  With you dog you have a commitment.  A dog will not go back on his word to you.  On days when you cannot predict your reactions or guarantee your strength, the one thing you do know is that your dog will not reject you! No matter what, you are on the same course.

I have four dogs, each varies in personality and temperament.  But the one constant is that somewhere inside of each of them, is a silent cry for love. The kind of love that conquers all.

From my good friend Terry Hershey, "Here's the deal: we don't need more remedies or advice.  We need more touch.  We become more human when we touch.  Why?  Because when we touch, we are seen.  And when we are seen, we recognize that our value is not tied solely to our sorrow." 

So many of our warriors are abandoned by their families, their mothers, their fathers, siblings, and spouses when they return from one or multiple deployments with PTSD. They are not the same person that left...this is not always understood. The warriors find themselves leading a horribly restricted and isolated life.  They have lost close relationships and have few outside interests. They have lost touch.

As Maria Robinson wrote, "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."  Perhaps that new ending requires pushing past trying to understand and beginning a new life with a nonjudgmental friend by your side. Perhaps this friend called dog will lead you to a 'new normal,' a new life, new friends and out of isolation and desperation. 

I can guarantee you one thing...that there is a dog in a shelter somewhere that will turn your life around. So to 'our' warriors I say, "You have a chance, take it.  It will not only save your life, it will undoubtedly save the dog's. 

Nobody said it would be easy, but what I can say is that it will be worth it.  TADSAW is your champion, your cheerleader and will do everything possible to not let you down.  You have been taught to save lives...we have been taught to save warriors with our rescue dogs.  Together we are a winning team. 

Train a Dog~Save a Warrior , Inc. invites you to start a new ending


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