Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay am I wrong thinking it is just a tad strange and disturbing to receive an email advertisement for a "bullet proof vest?"  Now mind you this is the same day I got a  real letter in an envelope, in my mail box for "Prepaid Creamation!" 

In the quandry of these extraordinary temptations, I find sometimes it requires great courage to simply go about the day-to-day business of living  and navigating its trappings without having to be concerned over the absurdities found in mail boxes.

With earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, war, and famine you would think the human race would have given up by now.  But we keep on.  And most of us keep on regardless of what is thrown in our path, because we believe in possibilities.  Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said, "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger." But you know as well as I, that simply knowing this does not make tough times any easier, at least not while we are going through them. 

Perhaps the reason we get stronger is not because we go through tough times, but because we have to call upon our best selves to find our way through.  We have to draw upon humor, courage and patience and whatever inner resources allow us to survive to be led to a place where we find we are stronger and more resilient. Facing turmoil and upheaval can bring possibilities for new ideas and new actions, or new love, or miracles.Or these times can be used as excuses for withdrawing from life, avoiding risk, hunkering down and protecting ourselves.

What do you do?

We don't have to have a bullet proof vest or make elaborately detailed plans about how we're going to lead our lives.  We can trust ourselves, set our course and pledge to hang in there, whatever comes up.  Ultimately, in the end this is the most courageous and powerful thing we can do.

Two days ago a friend sent me a birthday card telling me I was a 'powerful' woman.  At first I stunned by the word. Then I thought about it and decided perhaps she was right.  Life never goes quite like we want it to and more often than not we are thrown curve balls just when we don't need them.  But it is the way we handle them that keeps us from drowning or sinking in quicksand.  For me, I am here and I am staying, and whatever life throws at me, I will stay the course.  I will take action. For our actions can be intoxicating and consuming. My actions will be my legacy. 

 I feel sad for those who are afraid to take that life saving step forward, and for those who haven't found  that one rich, sparkling, illuminating, spectacular passion in life that makes them feel grace, and vibrant, and alive, and jubilant. For it is in this feeling that worlds can be crafted and lives changed. Why would we want to live any other way? Step out of your box, inhale, exhale, and remember how tenuous and miraculous we are.  And that we can dance on the edge, build sand castles, discover treasures, and be transported toward possibilities in  this one chaotic, crazy, unpredictable thing called life - a life that is a swervy place where the ground shifts and the moon pulls and we can be totally and completely enchanted by second chances and possibilities.


"I've got something inside of me, peasantlike and stubborn, and I'm in it till the end of the race."
~Truman Capote~


If you would like to discuss speaking engagements regarding Animal Assisted Therapy or Inspirational/Motivational speaking engagments for your church or group,  please contact Patsy Swendson at 210 273 6471.

"You all were the best of the whole program (YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM). It is so nice to see that people understand what animals do for us. They are Therapy!!! I know this from my own experience. I would love as much info that you can give me so I can help and be empowered to join and help with your group. I will be following your blog without a doubt. Just let me know how to get started."
Take care and thanks for contacting me so quickly.
Peggy F

My name is Sina Teofilo and I am a contractor for the Texas Army National
Guard Yellow Ribbon Program and I just wanted to say that the staff and the
overall program is wonderful!! The first time I saw your organization
attend our event was last month in San Antonio at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
The feedback that we received on our surveys was overwhelming with comments
on your organization and how great you all were with the service members and
their families. I just wanted to say thank you to your staff because they
were friendly and very informative. I hope you all know how helpful and
beneficial your program is. It is one of a kind and I hope that it
continues to grow and prosper. Thank you for all that you do.

Sina Teofilo
Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist
Contractor for Army National Guard


You are right – we owe our warriors so, so much for all they do, and have done, for us. Thank you for your work with them.
Gloria Gilbert Stoga
Founder/ Executive Director Puppies Behind Bars
New York, NY

Just got the book and love it. I will send you $500 for printing and $25 for books to distribute to my soldiers.
God bless.
Platoon Mom Elaine

I had seen some samples from the Pockets of Peace book and it looked great, but the actual book exceeded my expectations. It’s wonderful—no wonder it creates such a response in the combat vets!
--Beth Schietzelt
Soldiers’ Angels

“Pockets of Peace” is a beautiful and comforting booklet. Please let us know where we can get more copies. Bless you for all your work for veterans.


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