Thursday, February 25, 2010


Never settle for the path of least resistance!  It is too easy, too mundane, too expected. And most of all it isn't interesting, in fact it is just plain boring. It gets you nowhere fast! Life means taking chances.  And I guarantee, in the long run, they are worth taking.  Sure it can be risky, but not taking chances can keep you stuck, unhappy, stagnant, unhealthy, sad, bored, and needy. 

Sure just breathing can be risky, let alone trusting and reaching out to a life that just might be the most glorious leap of faith you have ever taken.  This is the no guts no glory thing.  Without risk there is no hope and certainly no faith.

I have watched far too many people go through the same routine daily, always taking the path of least resistance.  They have no zest for living, for finding what might be around the corner, if they traveled a different direction.  I have watched as they tip toe into life and love and a new path, to become fearful and go running back to what is safe - or what they simply and wrongly perceive as safe.

For it is in the unexpected, the spontaneous, and the risks that you find life.

A trip to the 'island' last week brought the unexpected and the spontaneous and a renewed zest for life.  Through the fog and mist and rain, life became more clear.  My path and my direction more spectacular.  The waves crashing to shore with their thunderous roar tended to wash the cobwebs from my head and clean away the clutter. So I will not let the waves in the distance frighten me.  I will cross my fingers and say a little prayer when the road gets messy, and when I am not certain of north and south. And then I will jump in with both feet!

I do know this.  I have a powerful sense of resilience and perseverance. That isn't to say that pain and grief and sincere aggravation and impatience aren't there.  But I put on my wading boots and muddle through the quick sand.  Because I don't have time to mess with the mundane, the ordinary, and the boring. Sure we are all given mountains to cross and the journey isn't always a piece of cake.  But what happens if we don't even try?  What happens if fear stops us dead in our tracks? We die without ever having lived. Our purpose for being on this earth is wasted and our passion never revealed.


"Let the music move you, let the moment take your hand, let it lead you out into the middle of the dance floor and embrace you.  Dive off the high board.  Ride with the top down. Thrive like a wildflower and sing
 (who cares what you sound like) with a voice all your own." 
~Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers~ 

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