Monday, August 13, 2012


"There comes a time in life when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.  You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good.  So, love the people who treat your right, pray for the ones who don't.  Life is too short to be anything but happy.  Falling down is a part of LIFE,  getting back up is LIVING."


Anyone who has followed my blog of late undoubtedly is aware of the huge amounts of drama and chaos hoisted upon me that has caused great anxiety, stress, tears and well down right garbage to be thrown at me.  Well in most cases they won.  Or did they?  Or did I allow them to win, so that I would not have to waste my all too precious time on their dramas that fed something vital missing in them?

I very simply refuse any further to let my life be dangerously dislocated! Sometimes the suffering from dramas hoisted upon us causes numbing and the heart begins to atrophy.  Our heart can absorb the pain, the anguish, and is in itself sensitive to everything that happens to us. 

Perhaps it is a wise decision then to every once in a while tune into what our heart is telling us and listen.  For me, and perhaps for you, it is when you begin to listen and your heart is allowed to speak, that the burdens are lifted and there is a lightness and a relief that takes the place of others drama. It is at this place that you begin to feel alive again.  And you can truly sense the privilege of being on this earth and the beauty that is all around us, if we only free ourselves from the dramas of others, open our eyes and our hearts and pay attention. 

We all need to have slow time away from the world and be present for those who truly matter in our lives and the love that unites us.  We need to find that love in ourselves~for ourselves.  And in so doing, leave those behind whose sole purpose is to cause us pain, as they do everything possible to destroy who we are and that which we have built and that which we will build in the future.  With a foundation of courage and love of ourselves, these people can not longer force us into a place where we are stranded between their ugliness and our deep and abiding love of "doing unto others as we would have them do unto us."

As John O'Donohue said "There is a kindness that dwells deep down in things; it presides everywhere, often in the places we least expect. The world can be harsh and negative, but if we remain generous and patient, kindness inevitably reveals itself."  With this kindness comes compassion and goodness. As O'Donohue wisely wrote, When someone is kind to you, your feel understood and seen. There is no judgment or harsh perception directed toward you."

Perhaps that is why I have spent the majority of my life, offering kindness and compassion to those who need it the most.  And I am completely exhausted of those who try to belittle my efforts and force me into a nasty, dark place of negativity.

So goodbye to you.  You have to live with your actions, not I. For me I long for beauty and peace, order, compassion and love.  How terribly, terribly sad these people must be who feel otherwise.  For them blessings never become a reality!


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