Sunday, May 20, 2012


Just about 7:30 in the morning as I sat in the recliner with a hot cup of Brazilian coffee and a pumpkin empanada, surrounded by snoozing dogs, I wondered about the week ahead and the multiple tasks waiting in piles on my desk to complete~deadlines to meet and little nagging details that have been ignored for far too long.  Then it occurred to me perhaps it would behoove me to practice what I preach.  This stuff will still be there patiently waiting for me no matter what I choose to do with the next 30 minutes.

So with coffee mug in one hand a a camera in the other, I headed to my garden.  It is here in the early mornings when the doves are cooing that all seems peaceful and right with the world.  Worries disappear and my heart slows down to appreciate what really matters in this world.


Sometimes the best thing to do is not think, not obsess, not worry, not imagine.  Just breathe and have faith that all will work out as it is supposed to.

Inhaling my coffee and the freshness of a new day about to begin, I did just that.  I let go. 

Interruptions will come soon enough and the phone will begin its incessant ringing and problems will arise that will need immediate, it not sooner, attention. But for this one minute, this one moment, there is a sense of peace I all too often long for.

A friend is heading to Colorado to their cabin for two weeks.  I am envious.  I can almost feel 'my' mountains and see the wildflowers at timberline and hear the breeze as it ruffles through the trees.  It is here I would escape to find that ultimate place of rest and peace and tranquility. It is here I would pick wild red raspberries and strawberries with a sweetness like you have never tasted.  It is here I would sit and absorb the mountains and feel at rest and peace and let the rest of this crazy mixed up world do as it wishes without me for just a little while.

But daydreams aren't real and in a few minutes I will have two warriors and our service dog program director at my door for breakfast.  One a wounded dog handler back from Afghanistan where his Military Working Dog was killed in an IED blast, and the other a wounded warrior with severe PTSD wanting a dog.  Today we spend evaluating dogs for him.

So those few moments of peace and daydreams will have to suffice.  For now it is back to caring for those injured warriors with the invisible wound that I suffer with them.

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