Tuesday, May 15, 2012


"The elevator to success is out of order.  You will have to use the stairs."

Barry Cohen, said, "There is not one giant step that will make it.  It takes a lot of smaller steps to get there."

Okay I agree.  But what does this really mean? Basically we can't take the easy way there.  We take one step at a time, one lesson at a time, and often one agonizing look up at the top and wonder if we will ever get there.  Is it that important?  Is it going to be worth it, if and when we get there?  The pain, stress, and anxiety of one step at a time...is it truly worth it?

I have to say that is many cases absolutely it is worth it.  In other cases, perhaps we should take baby steps and enjoy the journey along the way. Perhaps the journey is the ending. And then again perhaps it is is in the baby steps that we learn and grow and revel. And then there are other times when we have no choice whatsoever but to take those steps that seem never ending, unnerving, and treacherous to reach our objective.

The real test comes when we find demons along the way.  We encounter simple small stumbling blocks and twists and turns and some giant leaps forward and sometimes backwards.  And then there are those times when we seem to be standing still with no movement either direction toward our goal or away from it.

But the sad and unfortunate part comes when there are people perched on those steps waiting to push you backwards with joyful abandon and a venomous grin on their faces.  This is when you prove who you are, by forging ahead no matter what or who stands in your way.  Horrible unkind words are said and written.  Voluminous slander, lies, and no shelter in which to hide.  It is then that you stand strong and tall, with enormous dignity and continue the journey and step over, around, or through those that stand between you and your goals, your ambitions, your talents, your life.  After all this is YOUR life!

The cruelty demonstrated towards me lately has been pitched at me purposefully, intentionally, and with great forethought of malice.  For what you might ask.  Wish I had the answer. But honestly I do not care.   Having the answer wouldn't make it any different.  It wouldn't change anything.  I choose to step back and observe the pain they must be in to have to be so bitter, jealous, vindictive and hateful.  I feel sorry for them.  If they knew this and knew how much time it is taking away from their doing something wonderful, precious, beautiful, and meaningful with their time on this earth, perhaps they would tuck their heads and cease the path they are on.  But whatever they choose to do, is just that, their choice. And how I choose to respond is my choice. It will all even out in the end. All too sadly, with people of this ilk, they never quite 'get' it.  But so be it. Ultimately, they will be the ones who suffer, not I.

I believe in what I do and have no hidden agenda.  I believe that what I am doing with my life is right and rewarding and making a difference.  Why these ugly obstacles have been thrown in my pathway could just be a test.  Is this gal willing to step over, around, and through the obstacles created to stop her?  Absolutely.  Barriers, hindrances, impediments and hurdles are just that.  They are never ending.  They simply are placed there to test and yes to annoy, but not for long.  Time is up.  If it takes smaller steps, that is okay.  Perhaps each step is decorated with beautiful moments and lessons and an achievement in itself.  Perhaps there is tranquility and peace and comfort found with each step we climb.  

I will reach my objective, no matter how many steps and how many people put up barriers.  And these people...well that is their problem.  Not mine.  I wish them luck and a fervent hope that someday they will understand that being hateful and full of fury will achieve nothing. 

The people that really count in this life are those standing beside you helping you up the steps, when you are sometimes just too tired to make it to the next step.  They will be there.

Today I wish each of you this kind of friend.  They are the joy, the medicine, the hope and love that is the real achievement and goal in this life.


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