Saturday, February 8, 2014


I woke up at 3:30 AM, let the dogs out, and after a few minutes, we all went back to bed. All but one sleeps in my bedroom. They fell fast asleep, and I was wide awake. It took a while to fall asleep but eventually I did.  It was a restless sleep, ending with me screaming from a horrible nightmare of being attacked and physically assaulted. 
Kelsie, asleep at the foot of my bed, instantly alerted and came up, jumped on me and started pawing at me  and nudging until I woke up. I threw my arms around her and cried and cried. Now I know the true gift of dogs, and what I have been telling our warriors with PTSD about their service dogs waking them from a panic attack really does work. It worked for me. 
She lay down with her head on my shoulder, breathing into my neck. Her warm muzzle, her steady breathing brought me back to reality.  I have never felt safer! We fell asleep together, snuggled close.
I truly believe that I was blessed with Post Traumatic Stress so that I could better understand the warriors and their issues, and that I could better serve their needs and understand what they endure. And I know I have been blessed with Kelsie, as have many, many warriors and their families.
How did she know? The other two dogs never moved or woke up.  But Kelsie knew.  She just knew.  And truly at that time 'why' didn't matter.  All that mattered was she was there when I needed her. She took immediate action. And there is literally no doubt she knows she is loved in return. 
Being a friend is easy when times are good or when you benefit from the relationship  But a true friend sticks by your side even when things get tough.  This is the kind of friend you desire.  But to have one, this is also the kind of friend you must be. ~ John C. Maxwell


  1. Hi Mama, I need to find your card to put your number in my phone... so forgetful lately on simplest tasks. I don't want to get too personal on the blog but hoping you have free time in July around the 24th... anyway I'll be more specific whenever I am able to text/ contact you again. Love you. (oh and I peeked through google tadsaws facebook pictures on the puppies. so precious I am so glad they are being taken care of so well. xoxo

  2. my email is looking forward to hearing from you. What is going on in July?