Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dogs Love with all Their Hearts

Dogs love with all their hearts. You can see in their eyes, in their silence, in a lick, or a nuzzle, or a loving sigh....their love...their longing for nothing but to be with you. You are their world.

In their eyes you will see that this is their love song. My Remy has his very special love song...a long deep sigh that relaxes me in the middle of the night and chases my nightmares away.  My Wally settles into slumber with his song reminiscent of a whimper full of love, as he settles into his pillow. My Kelsie observes my every movement, waiting to be needed or loved or spoken to in quiet and reverent whispers. I take her face in my hands and see a glimpse of heaven. My little sightless Gracie sees with her heart and feels with my gentle touches.  She rolls onto her back in my arms with a trusting heart, that without exception opens my own heart so wide I sometimes feel the tears roll down my cheeks.  Nothing will erase this love, nothing ever can.

My dogs are certain.  I am certain.  The love and certainty between us will never end.  Taking the faces of my dogs and holding them in my hands and looking into their eyes, we both know....we can both tell, there is a most insatiable longing between us. There is nothing else like it.

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