Friday, April 26, 2013


From one of my favorite books, "It's Not about the Horse ~ It's about Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt" ~~ In it I have read and re-read, "Personally, I have a strong belief that the actual purpose of each and every union we make in this life is for healing wounds." Author, Wyatt Webb, goes on to say that 'as long as this is our mentality, we can't examine what's going on inside ourselves. Instead, we seem to want our relationships to fix whatever we perceive to be wrong with us.' Wise man in a great book.

When I read these words by Webb they really hit home! " I have a problem with this whole 'fixing' concept. In the first place, we are not broken ~ we're simply human." I rarely recommend a book, but this one is exceptional for those struggling to heal. Dealing with your demons isn't a walk in the park, but can be easier with a dog or even a horse. You instantly come to grips with who you are. I truly believe this. These animals show us the way.

Yesterday I was asked what should have been an easy question, "What do you want?"  Okay what do I want, peace, comfort, joy, trust, love, much like many of us.  I am not asking for a new car, clothes, the perfect house or the new IPAD.  But in the two seconds I had to respond I easily and honestly blurted out with tears stuck in my throat, "I want to be fixed."  I was looked at and heard, "How about the real response."  Without hesitation I said, "Okay I want to emerge a new person." Answer was "Now you're talkin'! "
The only way to emerge a new person is to let go of the person you have become.  Perhaps forced to become.  Not the person the world sees, but the person that is hidden underneath years of baggage and mistreatment and mistakes. Again I quote Mr. Webb, "I am not talking about slapping a Band-Aid on the past and letting it fester for another day.  I'm talking about really allowing ourselves to heal from the core of the internal trauma.  The more we can let go of the self-criticism, the higher the degree of healing will be."
So bottom line is we need to let go and clean up of the unfinished business in ourselves and in our family history. I think we all have this baggage to some degree or another.  But the question in my mind is exactly where do we start?  Where is the starting line?   

Perhaps it is today!

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