Thursday, December 13, 2012

To my Wally. You were found close to death in a ditch 11 years ago. You were loved back to life. The grace of hearing in your ears is gone, the vision in your beautiful eyes is failing, but the spring in your step, as you jump into my lap and turn over onto your back, remains a moment I look forward to each day. When you can't see or hear my approach and nip at me, you are forgiven. For I love you! As you have always loved and forgiven me.  I know your time on this earth is limited, but as you curl up in the nest you have made on my sofa and gaze our the window you may not know it but it provides a peace and comfort I have deep inside of me. When I have a panic attack it is you by my side. When I had surgery and you would never leave my side and had to be carried outside to 'potty', you couldn't get back inside fast enough to snuggle up next to me and help me heal. You have been my steadfast love. Your soothing snore and precious breathing and mere presence in my bed brings me a comfort I doubt I shall experience again.

(Wally is on the bottom step.)

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