Sunday, November 11, 2012


The simple act of nourishment!
Nourishing the body with food and fuel to operate at it finest.  Nourishing those we love through meals and time spent at the family table.  Nourishing friends by being there for them when they need you the most.  Nourishing with great love those who are not receiving any.  Nourishing those who are lost and alone. Nourishing those who are not at peace in this world for lack of someone who understands them and holds their hand so as to not let them disappear from view. Nourishing our children with displine and love. Nourishing ourselves when we are depleted and empty.  Nourishing our wounded warriors who have sacrificed dearly for this country's freedom.
As I write this I wonder if it is as simple as it seems.  I wonder how many of us take the time to nourish anything.  Our plants wither for lack of nourishment, our hearts collapse because we are too self absorbed. Our souls cry out for help and we are not certain why.
Why is this?  What is so much more important in our lives than being their for others?  To me this is why we are on this earth.
Every morning I awaken to the ritual of hungry dogs ready to race outside.  But before my feet touch the ground I say a little prayer..."God help me make a difference today." My mantra.
Little has been learned in this world if we have not learned how to touch the heart of another and to be touched in return.  I am reminded this morning on Veteran's Day of a quote by Thomas Edison,  "Rules!  Hell, there are no rules here...we're trying to accomplish something."
Today consider putting light in places where people need it the most!!!

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