Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Not all scars show
Not all wounds heal
Often we don't see
The pain someone feels"

I had jotted these words down into one of my zillion note books on every flat, and not so flat surface in the house, so as to remember the depth of their meaning.  The life of a writer!

Then I decided to take my notes and my chai tea upstairs to begin my blog, based on these words of wisdom and great meaning. At the base of the stairs, I was greeted with this  picture.  It undoubtedly was precipitated by the piece of toast with Nutella in my mouth, because my hands were full.  Or it could have been  that three out of four in my pack of therapists, my service dogs, my lifesavers, had something different on their minds.  Let's not go upstairs...let's get out and enjoy this gorgeous day.  So here is the first picture I have taken with my new phone, of the motley crew, all rescues of one sort or another!  

These dogs are the friends who feel my pain and try everything in their power to lessen it.  Just looking at these little faces on the stairs...blocking my way...made me laugh out loud.  Juggling the toast in my mouth and arms full of laundry, I prayed I could quickly get a photo on my new phone. It could never have been a staged shot...just a quick candid shot! It would not have happened had I tried to position them in this manner. Much less keep them still.

Kelsie, my service/therapy dog at the top, Remy, my second PBGV (Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen) in the center, and Wally, the grumpy old man who is deaf, but still is a warm, snugly lap warmer and a lifter of spirits, as are they all.

So how do I incorporate the quote into the photo...hum!  Let's see.  Could it be these rescue dogs, as do we all, have scars that are unseen, wounds that are not healed, and they sense like no one else can, the pain I sometimes am burdened with. 

Kelsie, bred in Canada to become a guide dog for the blind, spent 9 months in the Dominguez State Prison with an offender as her basic obedience instructor. She was ultimately deemed not viable for becoming a guide dog and was released from the program and put on a rehome adoption list.  I got lucky.  Remy only having been in my home for about 4 weeks, lived 4 years in Illinois. It is increasingly obvious this was a home without much love for this little guy, because he worships me, won't let me out of his sight and is afraid of being hit or beaten.  And then Wally, as a puppy, was rescued by the Humane Society after he was found near death in a ditch.  He was covered with fire ants, two types of mange, ulcerated eyes, and the list goes on.  Yes they know scars!  But they don't dwell on them like we humans do.  They let them go.  They have no judgments, nor conditions put on anything.  They find special in the ordinary, as we find love in the footprints they leave in our hearts, if only we pay attention.

I have always known our dogs teach us so much, if only we would pay attention.  This morning on the stairs I found a huge lesson.  Okay...let it go.  Let the bad guys remain in the past.  Let the bad guys know you don't care the slightest bit about their problems, except for pity. They have nothing else to do but malign someone trying to do good.  And today I will rise above the little people!  They are obviously suffering and in need of compassion.  Yes, it is sometimes almost impossible to secure that feeling, but this morning I feel compassion for those that are so insecure they feel they must hurt others. What a sad life they must be living. Perhaps they would be wise to take lessons from our four footed friends.

As for me, today I let these people go.  They are troubled, and even the kindest words can seem trite or ineffectual.  To them I say, as my dogs say to me, 'I am not in a battle.  Life is way too short.' 

I choose to not enter your arena. You may remain there alone. If there is no one to fight with, perhaps the joy will be gone for you.

I shall close this rather disjointed blog this morning with my favorite poet and her words. Words to live by.

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain.
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain.
~Emily Dickinson

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