Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." Hans Hofmann

I love this quote.  But the quandry I have is what exactly is unnecessary and how if do we actually  eliminate it, do we know if it truly is unnecessary. Things that bog us down, things that throw us off balance, things that sometimes throw us to the ground and stomp on us ~ how exactly do we know if, in the scheme of things, if they are put there for a purpose or are they put their as a necessary distraction to somehow guide us to what we should really be focusing on. Or is it a simple test?

All sounds quite complicated doesn't it.  And perhaps there is no immediate answer.  Perhaps the answer is in the not knowing. Perhaps the answer is in the waiting.  Waiting in that space in between not knowing and knowing. 

It is Wednesday morning.  After a very long and sleepless night, full of struggles and demons that won't go away, I awoke once again with no answers.  After one has been battered for so long for trying to do the right thing over and over, doesn't there come a time to say "when"?  Isn't there a place where enough is enough? 

I find that over and over and over again that when I am demolished and stuck in that place of not knowing what to do, if I do nothing, the answer will come.  Such, I hope, is the case with the devastating news I received yesterday.

It was an assault to me and to my foundation.  I screamed and cried and shouted out "No this can't be true."  Then sat and thought and thought and tossed and turned until my dogs left the bed in desparation for some peaceful sleep.  People do what they do for a reason.  The reason this person did what he did was spiteful, full of anger, and venom and meant to intentionally hurt.  There is no other answer or reason. So when does the 'necessary speak?" One thing I can tell you is that it doesn't speak until you have suffered and been bent over double and cried until there are no more tears.

Whenever and if the necessary decides to speak I hope I hear that there was a reason for this mess. That what I have been asked to endure and cope with and trying to comprehend will have had an underlying purpose.  Having written this blog for almost two years, the common theme is wanting to simplify, wanting peace, and wanting to help our wounded warriors at any cost. These are the necessary things for me.  But please someone tell me when they do we eliminate the unnecessary when it is continually dumped in your lap.

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