Monday, February 13, 2012


"Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear and not bothering." ~ Winnie the Pooh

So often we find our lives in turmoil and chaos.  We get overwhelmed, wondering if we can do all we have to do and accomplish the huge amounts of lists of stuff that are mandatory and urgent.  After all we are important.  We are busy.  We have to impress.  We have to get ahead.  We have to be better than any one else.  We have to be the best.  Or do we?

Do we really have to exhaust ourselves every day getting ahead, impressing, finishing one list and starting another for the next day? Seems life is made of ever so many lists all glued together.  No sooner do we complete one than we add something to another list.  I must admit I am as guilty of this as anyone.  But today I don't want lists.  I don't want to follow the routine and accomplish everything, or really anything on my list.  I want to shove all of them into my paper shredder, just feet from my desk.

It is cold and gloomy and bleak outside.  I want to stay in the moment.  Listen to Herb Ernst and Bringers of the Dawn and realize that this moment contains my happiness. Living this one moment, and being fully present for it.  For the next person, the next experience, and next emotion, and the next adventure will come soon enough.  Today I want a sanctuary in which to do absolutely nothing.

So many moments are packed with wonder that we miss, as we rush on to the next one.  For me this is why I become tense, anxious, upset, and fearful.  I don't want to be rushed or hurried and dislike people who require that of me.  I have paid my dues.  I have been there.  I had 30 years of performing like a puppet and that is enough. 

I want to discover those places inside of me where there is wonder and delight and those things that are the opposite of anxiety and chaos. I do not want my peace interrupted.  Those who tell me to hurry and do this and do that ... well I will tell them I will get to it when I have time.  I would like to tell them the truth, but I don't think they would understand if I told them sanctuary soothes and calms my soul.

As for today, when the sun is behind the clouds, perhaps healing is right around the corner. And perhaps just perhaps the shredder will consume my lists quite silently and I can go on 'not bothering,'

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