Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This morning a question! 

Do we ever slow down to consider how another person is feeling or to enjoy the simple pleasures right before us?

In the chaos and frustration and aggravation and sadness and joys of everyday living, do we ever really slow down to not only consider, but honestly care, how another person is feeling?

To consider what is true and real and honest.  To understand. And yes to care, to really care.

Do we treat each other with respect, with a smile, with love?

As I have grown older the more I have 'gotten it.'  The more I search and yearn to remove the clutter from my life and focus on those things and people that really matter.  This, at least for me, captures the answer to why I have been put here on this earth. 

I have a friend, a fantastic photographer, who when asked to photograph some of our wounded warriors, indicated she could only do it if she didn't have to actually look at them, but rather focus solely on them through the lens of her camera.  For as she said, "This way it isn't real."

Our differences are obvious.  I want to see, to be present, to witness, to hold close to my heart exactly what is right in front of me and to rid myself of the blindfold.

I find a warrior with all his scars is handsome, beautiful, real and alive.  I find this is where life is.  Where I find sacrifice and love of country and family.  For me, living without scars and brokenness is a life not lived at all.  For it is only in our brokenness that we become human, become alive. And yes, become real.

So today I invite you to not lose sight of caring how another person feels, who he or she is, and to just soak in the perfections and imperfections as part of the plan.  As you race about don't forget to care, to feel, and to enjoy the small pleasures, as you make big plans.  Don't forget to stop, to breathe, to enjoy the essence of this thing called life. Find what makes your heart sing and write your own music. 

Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes you don't understand.  Sometimes, sometimes  you just have to remember that "Every hour of every day is an unspeakably perfect miracle." ~Walt Whitman

Today I write this for myself.

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