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Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass!
~Paul J. Meyer~


Think about this. Is your life effective?  Are you always standing in the doorway of your life and never invited in? Have you ever felt if you don't, or choose not to commit to something, you can't lose it?

Success is based upon self discipline. Isn't it about time you get passionate about something?  How long have you been without love?  I don't mean only the romantic kind, I mean the kind of passion and love and verve for life that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and begin again.  The kind that makes people wonder where that smile on your face comes from and what you have been up to. That special feeling deep inside that tells you that you are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Joi de vivre!

You can buy entertainment, but you can't buy happiness. One needs to look internally for happiness, not externally. Finding what is true to your heart will lead you to your passion.  Perhaps in finding this passion you will find it necessary to say goodbye to parts of your life that are no longer effective, or parts that are are stuck in neutral, or are joyless or are draining you dry.  I believe with all my heart that the purpose of our lives is to find happiness and fulfillment and joy in what we are doing. 

There have been times I found myself pleading for my life, wondering if the pain of unknown origin would ever end.  I see this look in the faces of way too many people.  They go through the motions of caring and being passionate, but in the long run it is benign neglect of our own life, 'full of sound and fury representing nothing.'
In whose presence do you feel safe and joyful?  Many of us live in places where we feel excluded. 
The bottom line is how do we deal with the tough stuff, what we care about, what we love. What and where is our center?

May Sarton said, "Most people have to talk, so they won't hear." I will take it one step they won't have to they won't have to they won't have to love, so they won't have to take a risk. Most people today are connected to an IPod or an Iphone or anything where they have no direct contact with others.  No wonder we lose touch with those we care for the most  and our well goes dry.  We need to reach out to others and touch them in a personal way, a way that says I care for you, you are important to me. Much the way our precious dogs do for our patients and soldiers.  These dogs can bridge a cap in ways that aren't easily explained.  Or are they?  Perhaps our dogs have a better sense of communication that do we.  They convey comfort and affection wordlessly and respond to a wide variety of complex situations and emotions without risk of  misunderstanding or trivialization.

They convey encouragement, support, kindness, empathy, affection, and humor.  If the mere presence of a dog can do that imagine what the power of reaching out to another human being with grace, joy, and acceptance can do. 

Perhaps it is because dogs seek companionship yet are not emotionally demanding or draining or threatening.  My dogs give me an emotional break.  They accept me without judgment and do not base their love on my behaving a certain way or only under certain conditions, or performing the way they think I should.

My soldiers are frequently absorbed in their own problems, causing emotional distress and demanding all the attention.  The therapy dogs can shift their attention, if only for a while reducing anxiety and depression.  Working with a soldier and a dog allows things to happen that wouldn't happen without the dog.  The abilities of both are enhanced by the presence of the other. 

Wouldn't that be nice between people?  The dogs are not there to talk about how they got into the predicament, but to focus on hope and the future.  They all lift spirits, bring a smile, and change an outlook, and they all offer hope without interjecting their own issues into the equation. Dogs do not have an agenda!

DOGS ARE PASSIONATE. It is quite simply that easy.  The following is from my book Penny's From Heaven Stories of Healing  ( - perhaps there are great lessons and golden values to be learned from a dog.


Love like there is no tomorrow.
Be happy no matter what someone does to you.
Lie in the grass on a warm summer day.
Stretch before getting up.
Beg for a long walk.
Be fascinated with a simple routine.
Enjoy eating the same food every day.
Do the responsible thing even though it isn't always popular.
Act goofy once in a while, just because.
Drink lots of water.
When you're happy, wag your whole body.
Be loyal.
Eat with great enthusiasm.
Rejoice at the wind in your fae.
Play daily.
Be joyful.
If someone is hurting, sit real close, be very quiet and softly nuzzle them.

Copyright Penny's from Heaven, Patsy Swendson, Langmarc Publishing - 2006


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