Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So many times TADSAW (Train a Dog Save a Warrior) has been asked why they do what they do and do it with such unwavering enthusiasm. Well, I once heard a quote, "Weeping with one eye." In other words, how could TADSAW just half way care?
 Someone who ignores half of the pain of another, never entering into that pain fully...this is an unsuccessful person...a person who can never take the pain away from another....for they were not fully involved to begin with. Well, TADSAW like many other organizations is different.  They struggle, they subject themselves to abuse, exhaustion, and criticism, yet they persevere. They will never willingly let a warrior down. They will never weep with one eye!!!
This led me to further consider that most of us are all filled with so many distractions, and so much noise, that we can't even hear the whispers, much less the screams, of those who need us the most or even see or recognize their pain, much less care. Many say they are sorry and then close the door and leave. 
My life seems to drip with emotion.  Tears of sorrow, joy, grief, aggravation, exhaustion, love, sadness can sometimes hit all on the same day.  Why?  Perhaps because I care.  I care deeply for others.  I feel their pain, and all other emotions wrapped up with it.  How could I just care half way? But it seems to be rampant. Why?
To me the answer lies in most people not being strong enough to enter fully into another's pain and suffering.  They do it for a myriad of reasons.  None of which are helpful.  For without being fully engaged into another's pain there is no way to take away their suffering. And in reality, you only hurt them more by not being fully present.
Yes, sometimes I want to get away, crawl into a hole, or find a deserted island and start over.  But then I realize I must live to be the person I was created to be.  So each day I begin all over again.  And I weep and laugh and find a way to alleviate the suffering of others, whether through work with my therapy dogs or through writing.  I can only hope that in some small way, for whatever time, their pain has been lessened, perhaps because I wept with both eyes and gave away my heart.

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