Saturday, September 22, 2012


A warrior recently wrote to me, "I have all of my parts, but don't have all of my parts if you know what I mean." Sure I do.  I totally get it!  I understand.
This warrior, has no missing limbs, but he is missing that part inside that keeps him upright, that let's him go outside his house without fear, that lets him sleep without night terrors, that keeps him watching the doors, entrances and exits, or from driving over a bridge...the list goes on.  He is missing a really big part that once was his life.
He/she endures this day and night.  They have come home from war with a greater battle yet to fight...the battle of Post Traumatic Stress, or a Traumatic Brain Injury, or Military Sexual Trauma.

It isn't fair.  It isn't right.  They went to war for us, for this country.  And they come home a completely different person.  A person that has anger issues, isolation issues, alcohol and drug abuse and more.  What happened to my daddy?  Where is my husband I prayed everyday would come home safely to me? Where is my son?  What can I do to help?  The pain continues throughout the family and ultimately the community.

But them almost out of nowhere comes that miracle.  The miracle that takes a good portion of the pain away.  That put the parts of the puzzle back together, with a nudge of a muzzle, and soon the warrior finds him or herself back in the supermarket, going to a movie, sleeping through the night and going to the ball park with his son.  His or her spouse no longer has another child to contend with.  The warrior has all their parts back.  They are whole again...or darn near close. 
It is an amazing thing to observe the sudden transformation.  The instant relief of a great deal of the pain from war. 
Life won't ever be the same, but with a dog by their side it is a great deal better and in many ways it is like it once was...before war.
There is light in the warrior's soul once again.  Days and long sleepless nights are no longer dreaded.  There is that one entity that opens doors that they thought were forever closed.  The missing parts begin to return...slowly in some cases and yet in others, dramatically fast. 
Please read and absorb the heartfelt words from a warrior that keep us moving 24/7!!

"It is b/c of TADSAW that I'm here. Both you and Bart thank all of us, but without the two of you I think it is safe to say that most of us wouldn't still be around let alone function."
Needless to say it is more than Bart and me that keep this thing going.  But we are desperately seeking funding to meet the HUGE demand of over 1,000 on a waiting list.  If you can help us, in any way at all, please consider the words above.  There are 18 suicides every day from these horrific invisible injuries of Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Military Sexual Trauma.  We can't do it without you.  Doesn't this nation owe them this much?
Please help us save a life! A rescue dog enters the lap, heart and soul of a warrior and quite literally saves them.  One warrior told us he had a gun in his mouth prepared to pull the trigger and looked down at his little dog looking up at him and he couldn't do it.  It is as simple and as complicated as that. 
13423 BLANCO ROAD, # 218
210 273 6471
You may contribute through our website as well ~ with paypal, check, credit card, or money order. 
Consider giving a holiday gift of a donation to TADSAW to friends who have everything and would appreciate the depth of your love for our warriors. We will send them a holiday card and an autographed copy of POCKETS OF PEACE ~ A THERAPY FOR PTSD, TBI AND MST. They too can help us help help them have a save dog's life, to save a warrior's life. 

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